Rex Sham
Graduated in 2014

Insight Robotics
Incu-Tech Incubation Programme
Invention︰Fire Prevention Robots

Chuck Cheng

Incu-Tech Incubation Programme

Alan Lam

Incu-Tech Incubation Programme

Kenneth Chau

Incu-Tech Incubation Programme

Jimmy Tao

Incu-Tech Incubation Programme

  • Rex Sham

    Insight Robotics | Graduated in 2014
    Invention︰Fire Prevention Robots

    CUHK – China Market

    "I know that the robots in cartoons aren’t real, that's why I wanted to build one."

    Rex took part in many robot competitions during his high school days. He created the Hong Kong robot website when he was studying at Chinese University of Hong Kong to connect with like-minded individuals overseas.

    "I formed Insight Robotics with my partners in 2009 and joined the Park’s incubation programme to develop the Fire Prevention Robots."

    Using infra-red thermal imaging sensors and advanced artificial intelligence vision technology, the Insight Computer Vision Wildfire Detection System can detect fire source of just 1mx2m within 5km. Through effectively prevention / control of mountain fires, the system contributes to the reduction of carbon emission and environmental protection.

    "As a start-up, we faced many difficulties in promoting our system in China. Luckily, our status as a member of Science Park's incubation programme enables us to win customers' confidence. 30 units are now installed in Guangzhou city, and we are in discussion with many provinces, aiming to have our robots across all provinces in China."

    Insight Robotics won the Best Innovation Grand Award and Gold Award at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014.

  • Chuck Cheng

    AppoTech | Graduated in 2006

    $0 – $800 Million

    A Stanford University graduate and former chip designer in Silicon Valley, Chuk flew back to Hong Kong on an empty flight during 2003's SARS outbreak to join the Park’s incubation programme and set up AppoTech. "Chip design requires millions of investments and only Science Park can provide me with the necessary facilities and support to make it happen."

    R&D and pilot testing of chip design can be lengthy and require sophisticated software. Chuck already ran out of funds when the first order came in after 18 months of development. Now AppoTech's sales stands at HK$800 million a year.

    Chuck is committed to launching a new product every 2 to 3 years. "AppoTech is the R&D base for all the electronics factories in Guangdong province. They leverage on our latest chip designs to develop products tailored to customers' needs."

  • Alan Lam

    Sengital | Graduated in 2007

    $0 – $800 Million

    Dr Alan Lam formed Sengital after graduating from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004, and joined the Park’s incubation programme to develop his motion sensing technology. His innovative DigiTouch technology can turn a normal home TV into a touch screen. In 2012, DigiTouch was awarded ‘The Outstanding Innovation and Technology Products Grand Award’ and 'Consumer Electronics Gold Award' by Hong Kong Electronics Association.

    "As a technology company, we are committed to ongoing R&D. If the core of our technology is solid, we can apply it to different industries like medical, interactive displays and consumer electronic goods." Sengital’s Augmented Reality technology was used in “Jurassic World” at the 'Legends of Giant Dinosaurs' exhibition in Science Museum last year, which drew huge attention.

    "With the support from Science Park, our company has developed over 100 products. I am now investing in 11 companies and will continue to look for more investment opportunities."

  • Kenneth Chau

    iMusicTech| Graduated in 2012

    Music – Virtual currency

    Kenneth founded iMusicTech to first focus on interactive music technology development. He joined the Park’s IncuTech programme in 2009 and became Apple's endorsed developer for its music broadcasting and mobile app software. In 2012, iMusicTech was named “Outstanding Incubator Client” in the Technology Category of the National Business Incubation Association Incubation Awards in the U.S.

    Kenneth’s latest R&D project is VCoinApp, a mobile platform that works with retailers and app developers to enable users to gain virtual coin for exchange of retailers' products from their app usages – certainly a win-win-win formula for all parties.

    "It was difficult during the start-up stage. Fortunately, Science Park provided me with great support and connection to business partners and investors who were crucial to my success."

  • Jimmy Tao

    Vitargent | Graduated in 2015

    Genetic Re-engineering – Safety Testing

    Formed by a research team from City University, Vitargent joined the Incu-Bio programme in 2011 to carry out the application development of its “genetically reengineered fluorescent fish technology” for consumer products testing. Jimmy Tao, Managing Director of Vitargent said this technology will provide more efficient, economical and accurate testing Environmental Endocrine Disruptors (EEDs) so to detect estrogen levels.

    "Many presumably safe chemicals are found to have EEDs which lead to estrogen-induced pollution, the third largest man-made disaster threatening all live forms’ physical well-being."

    “When contacted with EEDs our genetically reengineered fish will emit different levels of green fluorescent light to indicate severity. This is the most economical, speedy and accurate way of testing. It only takes 24 hours, saving 60% of time and money. Next year, a major French skincare and cosmetic brand will start using this technology to test its products."