Francis Kwok
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Incu-Tech Incubation Programme (2001 - 2004)
Invention︰RADICA Big Data Marketing Solution

Camille Tang President and Co-Founder

Incu-Tech Incubation Programme (2007 - 2010)
Invention︰Wireless Power Technologies & Applications

Alan Lee Inventor and Director

B-Free Technology Ltd.
Incu-Tech Incubation Programme
(2013 - 2016)
Invention︰B-Free Chair

Laurence Chan
Executive Director/Co-Founder

Hong Kong EV Charging Limited
Incu-Tech Incubation Programme
(2008 - 2011)
Invention︰EV Charging Solution

Eric Yung Founder and CEO

Incu-Tech Incubation Programme
Invention︰Auralbook Apps

Benjamin Lee Executive Director

Comprehensive Drug Enterprises Ltd, CDE
Incu-Bio Incubation Programme
Invention︰MJ Antipruritic Hydrogel

  • Francis Kwok
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Radica | Incu-Tech Incubation Programme (2001 - 2004)
    Invention︰RADICA Big Data Marketing Solution

    Forerunner in Hong Kong Expanding its Business to the China Market

    'I was always ranked the first during high school, if you count from the bottom.'The Chief Executive Officer of Radica, Francis Kwok, said with a shy smile on his face. Studying in a high school in New Territories in Hong Kong, Francis started making a great effort in chasing his dreams since one day he fell in love with Physics. 'My physics teacher always encouraged us to join different open championships. I couldn't believe my efforts were being seen. I had never imagined that I could triumph over those elite students from famous schools and win an award. It was definitely a huge encouragement which boosted my confidence in my future path!'Through proving himself in the championship, Francis started to believe everything could be possible if he worked hard. During high school, he promised to himself that he would one day become a successful physicist and win The Noble Prize. Due to his great effort and dedication, he was eventually the first graduate from his mother school being admitted to a university. While he was taking Physics in HKUST, he began to partner with his classmates and set up a business with technology. The university residential hall was Francis'first office.

    'In 2000, 2 other classmates and I developed an email marketing solution called Radica, which is also known as the predecessor of RADICA solutions.'In 2000, Francis encountered 'Dot-com Bubble Burst'; while in 2003, SARs caused Hong Kong's economy a serious defeat. Nonetheless, Francis has never given up. He insisted to keep developing his product as he joined Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporations' 'Incu-Tech Incubation Programme'in 2001. He received professional business support services from marketing experts and saw the sales trends. 'RADICA empowers corporates by segmenting target groups and inactive customers and delivering tailor-made emails for them, as a way to effectively acquire and grow their customer base. It was one of the most needed promotion and strategic marketing products of RADICA's clients, especially at the recovery of Hong Kong's economy.'

    As a forerunner in the industry, through database marketing, email campaigns management and e-marketing, RADICA helped its clients enhance investment returns. 10 years later from then, RADICA has already become Hong Kong's largest email marketing corporation, with internationally renowned leaders in different industries like Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, Global Sources,, AIA, Haier and Bank of East Asia being its partners. The post-80 generation CEO Francis was also awarded Ad100 Top 100Men of Online Advertising in 2009.

    In 2008, RADICA started to expand its business into the China market. 'The competition in Mainland is very competitive. Also, since cultural differences exist between Hong Kong and Mainland China, at the beginning stage, we need to enormously reform our management structure and styles in order to adapt to a new environment like this.'Currently, Radica has already developed business relationships with Chinese Enterprises like, Vancl, and, and it is also recognized as the third largest data management and email services supplier in China. 'Nowadays everyone is talking about big data. Indeed, data management services have already existed for long, and RADICA has been taking a leadership position in the industry. We will keep applying big data and artificial intelligence to market analysis and help with our corporate clients'strategic marketing and expansion.'

  • Camille Tang
    President and Co-Founder

    ConvenientPower | Incu-Tech Incubation Programme (2007 - 2010)
    Invention︰Wireless Power Technologies & Applications

    Winning 17 ‘Number Ones' in the World with the ‘Let's Just Do It!' Motto

    If you think females would never stand out amongst men in the technology field, then you are wrong! If you look at the development of the world's wireless power technology market, you will realize Camille Tang is remarkable proof of this. Camille's 'Let's Just Do It!' has been a major driver behind ConvenientPower's leadership in wireless power innovation . She believes Churchill framed it well: “ Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”Obtaining an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and a MBA degree from Harvard University, Camille has worked in management in Asia Pacific and the United States for years. When she first saw the wireless power technology, she realized this technology would revolutionize many different industries. 'Going wire-free, connector-free in charging mobile, wireless electronics triggers exciting possibilities in new device designs, materials and applications. Wireless charging is a highly transforming technology.'

    In 2006, Camille co-founded ConvenientPower to lead 21st century wireless charging for new dimensions of convenience for the mobile, wireless electronics lifestyle. Joining the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation's Incu- Tech Incubation Programme in 2007, ConvenientPower achieved three world first's upon graduating in 2010. The Group has launched seventeen world first's in wireless charging user experience, performance and value to differentiate partner brands.

    Turnover has increased significantly with 2015 expected to an inflection point for wireless charging growth. The team has tripled. HKSTP's vetting of incubatee admit's, its requirement for R&D and financial milestones accountability, its critical mass of technology innovation clusters- all raised the credibility of the Group's achievements. Manageable R&D, rental and lab testing costs were critical lifelines in the Group's success in taking leadership in the market.

    "Mobile or wireless devices' power cannot keep up with lifestyle needs. These devices are growing and are everywhere. For charging convenience and simplicity, a different way of topping up your battery was needed. Compatible wireless charging offers a solution – through a global wireless charging standard where you can charge anywhere, everywhere regardless of brand or type of device, just like WiFi and Bluetooth standards. So in 2008, we co-founded with seven leading companies the Wireless Power Consortium which issued the first global standard ' Qi '. The Consortium now has over 200 members including industry leaders like Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung and Sony." Qi products are available in US, Europe and Asia Pacific with a 50 million units footprint. ConvenientPower is the first Hong Kong company to co-architect a global technology standard. ConvenientPower innovates across standards and is also a member of the A4WP standardization consortium.

    With accelerating productization of wireless charging across different power classes, ConvenientPower has developed world leading patents and intellectual property using technology which is scalable, manufacture-able, slimming in industrial designs and optimizes for user experience. In partnership with top global companies, ConvenientPower's fast, innovative commercialization pioneered first's-to-market in cars, furniture, healthcare, office building, and top branded mobile phone accessories. ”Wireless charging is projected to be a new US$ 30 billion ecosystem. More than just power supply, wireless charging is an intelligent power-sensor hub with possibilities in 3rd party data, services, wearables and Internet of Everything. We are scaling this power hub innovation as a valuable, high-frequency “use” piece of real estate in people's lives."

  • Alan Lee
    Inventor and Director

    B-Free Technology Ltd. | Incu-Tech Incubation Programme (2013 - 2016)
    Invention︰B-Free Chair

    'B-Free Chair' Takes You Away From Obstacles

    Alan Lee, with a great interest in drawing, worked as a comic assistant in Tony Wong's subsidiary and also as a part-time product illustrator after his graduation from high school in 1985. He claimed himself to be a confident and innovative person who once dished up a product's design in a new form. Unexpectedly, the boss did not scold at him at all, he even considered his work remarkable. Starting from that time, he decided to pursue his career as a product designer. Despite not having studied electrical engineering before, Alan was very motivated to finish all the processes from scratch, including product design, drafting, inlaying components and machine testing. In 2011, Alan saw from the television that a middle-aged man suffered from industry injury and would become a paraplegic in the rest of his life. However, due to self-esteem, he refused to get assistance from anybody to lift him from the wheel chair and go through just a few levels of stairs. He as a result locked himself in the flat for 6 years. 'Being obliging in spirit, I immediately took up my pen and started designing my first product which was not requested by my clients.'This design then became the world's first 'B-Free Chair'originated from Hong Kong, enabling people with disability to walk through stairs and rugged and rough roads on their own without needing somebody's help.

    Alan got the product design draft, but he lacked R&D capital. He brought his design to a product exhibition and fortunately met his first investor. Yet, 'B-Free Chair' was a brand new design and all its components had to be molded and fabricated one by one. Thus, he applied to join Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation's 'Incu-Tech Incubation Programme', where he was allowed to use the advanced R&D facilities like 3D Printer to produce component molds for 'B-Free Chair'at a quick speed. Apart from technology support, 'Incu-Tech Incubation Programme'also provided all-round support which enabled him to meet a lot of partners in the technology industry. 'Many youngsters out there keep complaining there are no assistance and opportunities from government, however, it is my strong belief that everyone needs to exert themselves towards that dreams. Being qualified to participate in exhibitions and apply for incubation programme are definitely not easy tasks to me, and I can foresee that there must be unlimited obstacles in the career path of scientific research. Nonetheless, I believe if you insist, you will one day be able to realize your dream!'Alan said.

    'B-Free Chair'involves sophisticated fabrication, while the innovated two-part pedrail design enables users to take control of their wheelchairs to encounter rugged countryside. All these empower people with disability by helping them enjoy their outdoor experience and create motivation for life.

  • Laurence Chan
    Executive Director/Co-Founder

    Hong Kong EV Charging Limited | Incu-Tech Incubation Programme (2008 - 2011)
    Invention︰EV Charging Solution

    Promoting E-Charge and Realizing the Green Paradise

    Martin Tsang and Laurence Chan are classmates in Electrical Engineering in CUHK. They started a business together with their technology of automated production line software in 2006. Through joining Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation's 'Incu-Tech Incubation Programme'as one of the incubatees in 2008, they entered the Science Park as a stepping stone to realize their dreams. 'Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) provided us with a favourable environment for technology innovation and opportunities to cooperate with the industry, helping companies grow rapidly. With HKSTP's support and coordination, our company has become the first investment target since Hong Kong Business Angel Network was established. It has greatly boosted our confidence and prospects.'

    At the time Tsang and Chan developed the automated production line software, the Hong Kong government began to encourage the use of electric vehicles. Chan saw that as a rich business opportunity. 'There were no enough supporting facilities for electric vehicles, especially an electric vehicle charging solution which ensured electric vehicles to run consistently and stably for a long period of time. We discovered that the automating software could be suitably applied in this category, therefore we began to develop an automated network charging system, which is also known as our current product, the E-Charge Station.

    Hong Kong EV Power Limited founded by Tsang and Chan is the only supplier provides total EV charging solution in Hong Kong. 'EV power is the pioneer in EV charging solution. We invented the E-Charge Station, which can unify the chargers of vehicles of every kind, and also possesses an Internet system that checks the identities of drivers and provides reloading services of charging cards.'Currently, there are in total 150 E-Charge Stations operated by EV Power serving different citizens. EV Power has also partnered with BMW, the electric vehicles provider, and expects to expand its service coverage to the China market. They have offices in Shanghai and Beijing and are planning to open 5000 more E-Charge Stations in 18 cities in China within 2 years.

    'EV Power aims to promote electric vehicles to different parts of the world, realizing a more environmentally friendly and green paradise.'

  • Eric Yung
    Founder and CEO

    Playnote | Incu-Tech Incubation Programme (2012-2015)
    Invention︰Auralbook Apps

    Integrating Music Teaching with Technology for the Sake of Student's Academic Performance

    Eric Yung is not only a grade 8 piano player, a conductor and a tenor singer, but also a technology entrepreneur. In 2012, the Intelligent Music Education Apps, AURALBOOK, designed and invented by Eric was introduced. Meanwhile, he was awarded the ICT Awards and e-Learning Excellence Award in Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Awards 2012. He has learnt music since childhood, though he is passionate about technology innovation. In secondary school years, Eric has participated in Hong Kong Inter-schools Micro-computer Competition and won the championship. He majored in Electronic Engineering in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology after graduated from secondary school. 'I love science better than music. Not many people know about both programming and music, but I found the opportunity did exist in integrating technology with music education.'

    When Eric was doing his master's degree in HKUST, a few professors were developing a set of digital music products. He was the only person who was sophisticated in music in college, so he joined and became one of the founders of the listed company on the Main Board in Hong Kong which is called Perception Digital Holdings Limited. This experience inspired him to start up his own business. In 2012, he established PLAYNOTE and participated in Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation's 'Incu-Tech Incubation Progamme'. He was recommended to join international competitions, exploring his horizon and finding his way into the world market.

    'I hope that technology facilitates people in learning and appreciating music.'AURALBOOK is a music education Apps adopted Algorithm that has received global patent registration. Making use of cochlear implant and artificial intelligence to analyze the performance of singing and clapping of students, students can practice by themselves to encounter ABRSM. The effect of learning music through technology fascinated the Hong Kong Institute of Education. They collected the data from users of AURALBOOK to analyze their performance in public examinations and publish articles in the world's academic journals. It is concluded that its results of training is remarkable, particularly in listening skills.

    Currently, AURALBOOK has 200 thousands of registered users. 'There are around 2 million candidates taking professional music examinations among the world and 200 millions of devotees of music are acquiring different kinds of music instruments, so the market of AURALBOOK is huge. I hope we can develop an even closer linkage between technology and music and extend the application of the interactive Apps to the acquisition of every instrument.'

  • Benjamin Lee
    Executive Director

    Comprehensive Drug Enterprises Ltd, CDE | Incu-Bio Incubation Programme (2006-2010)
    Invention︰MJ Antipruritic Hydrogel

    Nanopatch-Rescuing Burnt Patients

    Benjamin Lee turned into the field of scientific research from a pharmacist. He successfully invented the world's first high-performance anti-pruritus nanopatch, 'MJ Antipruritic Hydrogel', by integrating the strong power from the research industry. It can relieve intractable pruritus after burns safely, effectively and conveniently, so that the patients are able to resume their normal life. Chemistry was the subject Benjamin like the most in secondary school. 'Put A and B together would become C. I would conduct experiments with my classmates excitedly on the way home.'

    After being a pharmacist in the United States for years, Benjamin found that the influences of drugs are highly significant, so he determined to continue his studies in the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Then, he was doing research in a world-renowned pharmaceutical company in the United States and later he returned to Hong Kong to give lectures in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Guest Professor. In 2005, Benjamin joined Science Park via the 'Incu-Bio Incubation Programme'. The laboratories facilitated his research, in addition to the collaboration with Universities and Scientific Institutions. 'I came across with outstanding research and met with numbers of scientists with similar interests in Universities. I noticed that there were rooms for further development in many research projects which could be commercialized to help patients. “MJ Antipruritic Hydrogel” was then born.'

    According to Benjamin, there was not any effective treatment yet to relieve itching caused by intractable pruritus after burns. Unconstrained itching resulted in long-term sleep deprivation, depression and even suicidal tendency. 'I saw patients suffered from burns recovery keep rubbing their wounds against the cold surface of walls in a bid to lower the temperature and reduce itching in a hospital of Chongqing. The helpless scene motivates us to invent hydrogel.'

    'There are around 15 million of patients suffering from burns and nearly 1.5 million of them need long-term treatment annually in China. Within 18 months, we integrated the medical research teams from China, Hong Kong and Macau to cooperate in developing concept, designing and examining clinical trials and material science. The completed research and development and the launch of this amazing product have entirely displayed the collective power of the three regions and assisted the patients in need to live a new life.